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The Forgotten Treachery of Obama’s State Department

Humberto Fontova, We all know about the Obama administration’s lies and treachery regarding Benghazi. But how many of you know about the Obama administration’s lies and treachery against the American families of the Americans ambushed and murdered on the orders of Raul Castro?……. Thought so…Well, please read on: You see, amigos: This week 21 years

Obama Feeds Cuba’s Firing Squads

Matthew Vadum,  The Radical-in-Chief kills hope for Cubans fleeing their totalitarian hellhole. As a final sop to his friends and fans in Communist Cuba, President Obama yesterday abruptly ended the two decade-old compassionate immigration policy that allowed any Cuban who made it to U.S. soil to remain in this country and become a legal resident.

Cuba puts on show of strength as Trump inauguration nears

Cuba on Monday paraded troops and hundreds of thousands of citizens through its emblematic Revolution Square in a traditional show of nationalist fighting spirit as it faces a tough political and economic year. A replica of the yacht Granma, which brought the Castro brothers, Ernesto “Che” Guevara and others from Mexico to Cuba to start

Clinton and Liberal Media Scandalized that Trump Explored Doing Business with Cuba

Humberto Fontova,  “How Donald Trump’s Company Violated the United States Embargo Against Cuba,” blares the Newsweek headline from Sept. 29th “Documents show that the Trump Company spent a minimum of $68,000 for its 1998 foray into Cuba at a time when the corporate expenditure of even a penny in the Caribbean country was prohibited without

Obama Invites Top Communist Military-Intelligence Officials to Inspect Vital U.S. Defense Facilities

Humberto Fontova,  In 2001 a group of Castroite spies in south Florida known as the Wasp Network were convicted of charges ranging from espionage to conspiracy to commit murder (of U.S. citizens.) They were sentenced to terms ranging from 15 years to two life sentences. According to the FBI’s affidavit, the charges against these KGB-trained

Rolling Stones and Obama Help Further Enrich Castro Family

Humberto Fontova, Stones and Obama Aiding Cuba’s ruling billion-dollar crime family. The curtain was just closing on president Obama’s benefit performance on behalf of the billionaire Castro family in Havana last month when another curtain opened on an adjacent stage. Accompanied by a chorus of idiotic media hype The Rolling Stones arrived in Havana three days

Rolling Stones Ink Business Partnership with Cuba’s Castro Family

Humberto Fontova, What? You missed the headline? Instead, you probably read about the item– but under a different headline last week-end. You probably read about a “Historic!”– even an “Epochal!”– Rolling Stones concert in Havana Friday night! The hyperventilating “reporters” probably followed up by mentioning “historic changes!” and “reforms!” in Cuba, as proven by the

Cuba’s Fidel Castro knocks sweet-talking Obama after ‘honey-coated’ visit

Retired leader Fidel Castro accused U.S. President Barack Obama of sweet-talking the Cuban people during his visit to the island last week and ignoring the accomplishments of Communist rule, in an opinion piece carried by all state-run media on Monday. Obama’s visit was aimed at consolidating a detente between the once intractable Cold War enemies

The Obama-Castro handshake, a confirmation

By: Humberto Fontova,  At the funeral extravaganza commemorating a black “political prisoner” President Obama went out of his way to smilingly shake hands with the jailer and torturer of the most and longest suffering black political prisoners in modern history. That’s for starters. The dictator the U.S. president was greeting, and almost bowing before, is