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Why I would like to see Trump shake up Washington

Cal Thomas, Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention was too long — 75 minutes — and too loud. Modulation is the key to good public speaking. One’s voice should rise and fall like the tide, which allows really important points to be made whether the volume is low or high. His adult

Citing ˜Differences,’ Paul Ryan Endorses Donald Trump For President

House Speaker Paul Ryan reveals that he will support presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump for president, although he cited differences with the controversial New Yorker’s policy proposals. “I feel confident he would help us turn the ideas in this agenda into laws to help improve people’s lives,” Ryan said in an op-ed in his hometown

Trump Will Change Electoral Map, There’ll Be ˜Trump Americans’ Like There Were Reagan Democrats

Newt Gingrich spoke on the Friday broadcast of “Hannity” about how he thinks presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is changing the electoral map. “What’s going to happen is, this is going to surprise you, I think you’re going to see us replace red and blue states with green for Trump and orange for Hillary

Confusing Main Street with Wall Street

Ken Blackwell, Billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently complained to a Wall Street gathering that “the Republican Party is no longer the party of business.” He predicted that union members, not corporate executives, would be voting GOP this fall. This is a problem? Many union members vote Republican. They were the core

Four Tasks for Trump Before He’s President

Albert R. Hunt Donald Trump sealed his extraordinary march to the Republican presidential nomination with a victory in the Indiana primary. Now he faces what may be an even tougher challenge: persuading the Republican Party to coalesce behind his candidacy. Trump won a landslide victory over Texas Senator Ted Cruz, though he’s still almost 200

Donald Trump vs. Ronald Reagan

Every presidential election year is unique, but 2016 evokes some eerie parallels with 1980. Back then, America was smarting from a costly foreign war that ended in tears. The economy was in a funk, with imports surging and blue-collar jobs at risk. Governments in Tehran and Moscow were behaving in ways that Americans found profoundly

Carson for president backers report $4 million raised, campaign apparatus into place

Conservatives frustrated with the direction of the country think Dr. Ben Carson can change the course by winning the 2016 presidential race. Now they just have to convince him. The group,, a super PAC, has already raised $4 million toward a Carson bid for the Republican nomination and has collected 200,000 signatures for a

Why the Reagan Democrats Departed

Pat Buchanan On Nov. 3, 1969, Richard Nixon, his presidency about to be broken by massive antiwar demonstrations, called on “the great silent majority” to stand by him for peace with honor in Vietnam. They did. Within days Nixon’s approval surged to 68 percent. The ferocious Republican partisan of the 1950s had won over millions