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Refuse Fascism

Antifa Fail: Near-empty protest sites across America…

Matthew Vadum, Means the anti-Trump Resistance’s so-called revolution will have to wait for another day. The millions of rabid Trump-haters that the George Soros-linked group Refuse Fascism hoped would show up Saturday in cities across America to drive the duly elected president and vice president of the United States from office must have had other

Revolutionary Communists Seek to Protect Students from Conservatives

John Perazzo, The fascist attempt to prevent conservative “fascists” from poisoning young minds. Earlier this week at UC Berkeley, an angry young woman named Sunsara Taylor – a self-proclaimed revolutionary communist with a face contorted into a perpetual grimace and a voice modulated as a perpetual harangue – led a discussion event titled “Battle for

Leftist Activists Target GOP Members of Congress

Martin Walsh, Liberal groups generate hometown protests to intimidate Republicans on health care. On Tuesday, House Republicans held a closed-door meeting to discuss strategies to protect themselves and their staffs from violent leftists “protesting” their offices and town halls as a result of repealing Obamacare. House GOP Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers met with Rep. David

Look Who Funds The Group Behind The Call To Arms At Milo’s Berkeley Event

Daily Caller, The Alliance for Global Justice. The left-wing group that helped organize the violent shut down of the Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of California, Berkeley on Wednesday is backed by a progressive charity that is in turn funded by George Soros, the city of Tucson, a major labor union and several large