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Obama White House counsel part of early talks on Clinton email release, notes show

Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne, The Obama administration’s White House counsel was directly involved in deliberations over the release of Hillary Clinton emails as early as spring 2015, according to handwritten FBI agent notes released by the bureau late Friday. The notes read: “Pat Kennedy (early May ’15) calls interagency MTG (meeting) re: scheduled release

Joseph Jakubowski manhunt: Churches, schools on alert as police step up search

Churches and schools were on high alert as authorities in Wisconsin stepped up its manhunt for a man suspected of stealing firearms from a gun store and threatening to carry out an attack intensified Sunday. The Rock County Sheriff’s Office said Joseph Jakubowski, 32, expressed anti-religious views in a 161-page manifesto he sent to President

Judicial Watch: Smoking-Gun Documents Prove Obama IRS Targeting Worse Than We Thought

James Barrett, Reports that the Obama administration “weaponized” federal agencies against political opponents keep coming. In new “smoking-gun” documents obtained via FOIA lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Judicial Watch has uncovered evidence that the targeting of conservative groups by the Obama IRS was even more expansive than we knew. On Tuesday, Judicial Watch released 695 pages of new documents showing IRS

Sessions Puts Bite Into Trump’s Bark About Sanctuary Cities

Ron Hosko, This week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions began to put some bite into the Trump administration’s bark about so-called sanctuary cities.  On Monday, the attorney general announced that to be eligible for Department of Justice grants, local jurisdictions will have to certify they comply with federal immigration law. Officials in Chicago, New York and

Jeff Sessions: Sanctuary Cities Protect Child Rapists and Murderers

Michelle Moons, WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made an appearance at Monday’s White House press briefing to warn sanctuary jurisdictions in the country that they could lose their portion of $4.1 billion in grants from the Department of Justice if they continue to protect murderers, child rapists, and drug traffickers illegally present

Texas: Arrest Sanctuary Sheriff For Releasing 70 Percent Of Violent Criminal Aliens

All News Pipeline – by Susan Duclos When ICE released the first ‘Declined Detainer Outcome Report’, in compliance with President Trump’s Executive Order titled “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States,” ANP reported that 118 sanctuary jurisdictions had released 206 of some of the most violent criminal aliens that had been charged

DHS names local jails that won’t hold illegal immigrants

The Trump administration is naming some names in its efforts to shame local jails that don’t cooperate with immigration authorities. It’s putting the spotlight on Travis County, Texas, home of liberal Austin. The administration released a list of 206 cases of immigrants released from custody before federal agents could intervene. Roughly two-thirds were from Travis

DHS Issues Report About Sanctuary Cities That Refused to Cooperate

Leah Barkoukis, The Department of Homeland Security on Monday issued its first ‘detainer’ report, identifying sanctuary cities where local police have released illegal immigrants despite requests by federal authorities to detain them. The report lists 118 law enforcement agencies that refused to cooperate with federal authorities.   The new report by the Department of Homeland Security