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What The Hell Is The Republican Congress Doing Besides Twiddling Its Thumbs?

Ben Shapiro, What in the world are Republicans in Congress doing with their time? We’re now nearly a month into the Trump era. Republicans have a 52 vote majority in the Senate, and a 239 vote majority in the House. Here is a complete list of the major legislation proposed and passed by that Republican

Republicans Humiliated; Reverse Plans To Gut House Ethics Oversight

Charlie Spiering, House Republicans suddenly reversed plans to change the rules of the House Ethics Oversight panel, in a public humiliation to kick off the 115th Congress. In a hastily arranged meeting on Capitol Hill, the Republican conference scrambled to kill the rules changes proposal before a scheduled vote and after President-elect Donald Trump publicly

House GOP Votes to Strip Ethics Office of Independent Status

House Republicans abruptly voted Monday night to effectively weaken the independent Office of Congressional Ethics that investigates lawmakers’ alleged misconduct. Behind closed doors, the caucus voted to approve an amendment to a broader House rules package that would put the office under the House Ethics Committee and significantly restrict its authority. The House will vote

Nine Things the GOP Congress Must Do

Terry Jeffrey, Donald Trump can be a great president. But for that to happen, two things must occur: He must follow through on key campaign commitments, and the Republican Congress must act on them. Here are nine commitments Trump made that the incoming Congress should make happen: 1. Completely repeal Obamacare. Trump’s position paper on

Obama’s Disconnects and Delusions

David Limbaugh, President Obama, in Greece, said world leaders should learn from the U.S. presidential election and pay attention to the public’s fears and frustration about the economy. Why? He never has. How can a man living in such a fantasy world presume to tell other people how to perceive others and react to problems

The Taste of Crow, and Other Random Thoughts

Fletcher Armstrong, I was wrong. Surely Republicans would never nominate Donald Trump for President. Because surely he had no chance of winning. But they did, he did, and crow never tasted so good! Uneducated racists. When they voted Democrat, they were “blue collar working men.” When they vote Republican, they are “non-college-educated white men.” In

Some Advice: Ignore the critics Mr. President-Elect Donald J. Trump

Cal Thomas, It didn’t take long. Journalists, editorial writers and columnists who hate Donald Trump and consistently opposed his election are now advising him what not to do. Newspaper headlines claim Trump is pulling back on his campaign promises. Editorials encourage him not to do everything he pledged, although his pledges are what got him