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44 Percent Hike in Taxes Covers Obama-Era Debt

Terry Jeffrey, President Barack Obama has presided over a federal government that has already taxed more than $20 trillion away from the American people. But to cover the federal spending he has presided over without increasing the federal debt, he would have needed to increase federal tax revenues by about 44 percent. Since he was

Nancy Pelosi: I think I know why the Republicans won’t bring up immigration

Erika Johnsen Three guesses, ya’ll. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday blamed racial issues for the GOP’s failure to act on comprehensive immigration legislation. “I think race has something to do with the fact that they’re not bringing up an immigration bill,” the California Democrat told reporters at her regular weekly press conference. “I’ve

Republican Paul Ryan to unveil U.S. budget plan on Tuesday

 U.S. Representative Paul Ryan on Tuesday plans to unveil a 10-year balanced budget plan that seeks to bolster Republicans’ campaign credentials as the party of fiscal prudence but also leaves them open to fresh attacks over deep cuts to social programs. The House Budget Committee, which Ryan chairs, said in a statement that it has

Obama budget sets up election-year debate with Republicans

 President Barack Obama proposed new tax credits and job-training programs for U.S. workers on Tuesday in a 2015 budget that highlights stark differences with Republicans, who favor a reduced government role in promoting economic opportunity. The election-year blueprint is all but certain to be rejected by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and stands little chance

Obama budget to drop benefit cost-of-living trims

 President Barack Obama will propose an election-year budget that would avoid reductions in federal benefits that he had previously supported, aides disclosed Thursday. He also will ask Congress to approve about $56 billion in new or expanded programs, stepping back from aggressive efforts to tackle long-term government deficits and debt. Obama is dropping his previous