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Facebook executives feel the heat of content controversies

After Facebook’s removal of an iconic Vietnam war photo stirred an international uproar last month, the social network’s executives quickly backtracked and cleared its publication. But the image – showing a naked Vietnamese girl burned by napalm – had previously been used in training sessions as an example of a post that should be removed,

A Paid by Hillary Protester Met with National Review Editor to Plot How to Take Down Trump

Jim Hoft, On Tuesday Alexander McCoy and several paid Hillary activists protested Donald Trump at the Trump Tower in New York City. PAID HILLARY PROTESTER MET WITH NATIONAL REVIEW EDITOR RICH LOWRY TO DISCUSS HOW TO DEFEAT TRUMP!Rich Lowry is the editor of the so-called conservative magazine National Review. These people aren’t just #NeverTrump –

Smearing Reagan Never Goes Out of Style

There is a longstanding tradition on the political left to attack contemporary conservatives by comparing them to the right’s leaders in the past. That means that Republicans who were reviled by liberals during their lifetimes are sometimes treated kindly in retrospect because it serves the political purpose of diminishing the reputations of their successors. But