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Sarah Palin Warns Eric Holder to Stay Away From More Gun Control

 Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced how the DOJ is “exploring” the use of gun tracking through smart gun bracelets, which only allow a gun to work if the user is wearing an accompanying bracelet with RFID chip. American gun owners have overwhelmingly rejected the idea of gun tracking/enabling bracelets, partly because of their cost

Eric Holder: Lets Track Gun Owners With ‘Smart Gun’ Bracelets

Katie Pavlich  While the national debate about gun control has simmered, anti-gun activists are hard at work behind the scenes to come up with new ways to push their agenda. The most recent attempt comes from Attorney General Eric Holder, who is suggesting gun owners be tracked with smart gun bracelets tied to handguns. Naturally,

Public Schools Are Preparing America’s Children For Life In A Police State

Michael SnyderAmerican Dream  Our children are the future of America, and our public schools are systematically training them to become accustomed to living in a “Big Brother” police state.  All across the United States today, public schools have essentially become “prison grids” that are run by control freaks that are absolutely obsessed with micromanaging the

Rebellion Erupts Over School’s Student-Chipping Plan

  A rebellion is developing in Texas against a plan by a school district in San Antonio that would monitor the exact location and activities of all students at all times through RFID chips they are being ordered to wear. Katie Deolloz, a member of Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering, told WND today