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Does Reproductive Freedom Require Forcing People to Sin?

Jacob Sullum, Last Friday the Trump administration unveiled regulations that let a wider range of employers claim a religious exemption from the Obamacare mandate requiring health plans to cover birth control. Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., responded by invoking The Handmaid’s Tale, the Margaret Atwood novel, now a Hulu series, set in a patriarchal dystopia where

The one thing that could tip the balance in the next presidential debate

Bruce Ashford, There is one thing that could tip the balance in an increasingly tight race for the presidency, and it is the one thing that probably will not be mentioned—much less emphasized—during Monday night’s presidential debate. Here’s to hope. There are a number of things I’d like to see happen during the second presidential

The HHS mandate challenge: Let’s pray the Obama administration acts in good faith

Father Frank Pavone, The appellate court decisions that upheld the “contraceptive mandate” of the Department of Health and Human Services have been given the judicial heave ho.  Those rulings, which supported the administration’s attempt to force non-profit religious groups to violate our faith, were vacated by the Supreme Court’s Zubik v. Burwell decision last month – rendering

Religious Freedom: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Right ¦ Sort of

Matt Barber  While reams have already been penned examining the implications of last week’s Hobby Lobby decision, most of what’s been written, particularly in the liberal press, has missed the point entirely. Though I’m mildly pleased that the Supreme Court is not quite ready to take gasoline to both the First Amendment and the Religious

Liberals Hate Religion Because Government Is Their God

Kurt Schlichter  The liberal attack on religion stems from envy, greed, anger and hate, just like every other precept of liberalism. Liberals envy the loyalty and devotion that religion inspires. They hunger greedily to have it for themselves. Mostly, they are angry because the religious dare to defy them and to reject the ugly and

Ken Starr: Obamacare shackles religious freedom

 From humble beginnings in the 1970s in their Oklahoma City garage, David and Barbara Green launched what is now the sprawling nationwide commercial enterprise, Hobby Lobby. Their company – now owned entirely by five members of the Green family – is now at the epicenter of an important legal battle over the breathtaking reach of