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Religious Education Has Benefits Secular Ed Lacks

Ashley Bateman, Having students think about religion increases their political tolerance and ability to delay gratification, new research suggests. The study’s conclusions call into question choice programs that tend to favor public charter schools over private schools. The study, titled “Losing My Religion? The Impact of Spiritual Cues on Noncognitive Skills,” published in October 2016,

The Bush Crime Family, There seems to be an inheritance of elitism and criminality in the œSON OF JEB

Roger Stone | The story of the Bush crime family doesn’t end with good ‘ol Jeb Bush.  In fact, there seems to be an inheritance of elitism and criminality in the “SON OF JEB.”  That could be the title of a horror movie, and it would be better if it were.  Alas, the truth is always darker,

Perry, Cruz battle to be star of Lone Star State’s Republican Party

 Neither U.S. Senator Ted Cruz nor Governor Rick Perry are on the ballot in Tuesday’s run-off elections in Texas, but that doesn’t mean the two larger-than-life politicians who share a penchant for cowboy boots are not central figures in the contest. The Lone Star State’s two most prominent Republicans are dueling for dominance of the