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Rich Lowry

The Sessions Smear

Rich Lowry, NAACP officials have already been arrested in an anti–Jeff Sessions protest. The Alabama senator’s confirmation battle as attorney general is sure to generate lots of heat and very little light. He will likely prevail, but not before his name is dragged through the gutter in an execrable exercise in contemporary racial politics. At

Malkin: NeverTrumpers ‘Completely Lost Perspective’ During Election; Asking Trump for Jobs

During her appearance on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Matt Boyle, Michelle Malkin observed that many members of the “NeverTrump” movement – conservatives and Republicans who swore never to support Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency – seem to have changed their tune since Election Day. “I think a lot of these unrepentant

Is Hillary Clinton out of ammo to use against Donald Trump?

As poll after poll shows the presidential race tightening, Hillary Clinton has already fired most of her heavy artillery at Donald Trump. She has called him temperamentally unfit, too dangerous for the Oval Office and ignorant about foreign policy. She has said he makes racist statements and that many of his followers are in fact

Party Unity: It’s as if each party fought a civil war and now can’t make peace

Anger management? Why Trump, Hillary are still struggling for endorsements. It’s usually a kabuki dance that leads to a somewhat awkward embrace as the victor showcases his support from the vanquished. But has there ever been a more bizarre and tangled process than what we’ve seen in both presidential contests this year? John Kasich became

Giving Trump His Due

Rich Lowry, Every Trump critic had “Oh, hell” moments during the primary season. They were when Donald Trump demonstrated a keen, gut-level political instinct that even an exceptionally talented conventional politician would be hard-pressed to match. An example: During a Republican debate in Florida in February, Trump was asked about former Mexican President Vicente Fox’s

Lyin’ GOP now suffering from a perhaps insuperable credibility gap

Paul Gottfried, A few days ago I was struck by the response of Laura Ingram on Fox news to the question of whether Ted Cruz’s strong comments in opposition to allowing transgendered men to use women’s restrooms would help him in his battle against Donald Trump. Presumably, since Trump equivocated on this “social issue,” while