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Trump surrogates say GOP front-runner ‘projecting an image’ during primaries

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s top lieutenants told skeptical GOP leaders Thursday that their candidate has been “projecting an image” so far in the 2016 primary season and “the part that he’s been playing is now evolving” in a way that will improve his standing among general election voters. In a recording of the closed-door

Trump advisers urge Republican leaders to unify ahead of election

Top advisers to Donald Trump pledged to Republican Party leaders on Thursday that the New York billionaire would adopt a more presidential demeanor after weeks of bashing the party, and urged them to unify behind the political outsider. Trump’s representatives, including newly recruited senior advisers Paul Manafort and Rick Wiley, met with leaders of the

Trump envoys to woo Republican leaders at Florida reception

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday made inroads with the Republican Party by sending envoys to meet with congressional supporters in Washington and party leaders in Florida. Ted Cruz, John Kasich and a representative of front-runner Trump all made an intense push on Wednesday to curry favor with elected party leaders at a Republican

Winning on Second Ballot Is Risky Plan #OnlyTrump

Ashley Pratte, At an open convention, pandemonium will reign — and all bets are off then. As the Republican primary heats up, there’s something on everyone’s mind — the possibility of a contested convention. In the scenario, a candidate without the majority of the popular vote could win the nomination. If no candidate has reached

Riding high in polls, Trump looks beyond New York #AmericaFirst

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shook up his campaign staff as he looked beyond an expected primary victory on Tuesday in his home state of New York to the delegate battle that will determine the party’s nominee for November’s election. The real estate tycoon told staff over the weekend that new additions to his campaign

Trump Bets on New York to End Campaign Turbulence #Trump45

The front-runners are hoping that home-state victories will help propel them to their parties’ nominations. For the two front-runners in the Republican and Democratic presidential nomination races, there’s no place like home. Polls show Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump with double-digit leads heading into the New York primary on Tuesday, and both candidates are hoping that

Is Trump turning kinder and gentler?

Howard Kurtz, Are we seeing the softening of Donald Trump? He hasn’t whacked anyone on Twitter for days. He is being more serious and less inflammatory in interviews. And in a hell-hath-frozen-over moment, he sat down for a clear-the-air meeting with Megyn Kelly and said nice things about her afterward. All this comes as Trump

Trump is a Man that will Not Lose, This is Why We Need Him as President #AlwaysTrump

Donald Trump has hired Republican strategist Rick Wiley, last seen managing Scott Walker’s 2016 presidential run, to boost his campaign heading into the Republican National Convention. From the Washington Post: NEW YORK — Donald Trump has hired a veteran campaign operative with deep roots in the Republican Party establishment to take a senior position on