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Beware The Hysteria of The Liberal Loser

Lawrence Meyers, Nobody likes to lose. Yet, the liberal hysteria surrounding Hillary Clinton’s historic defeat would be laughable, if it didn’t portend things to come. So what is the root cause of this hysteria, and why should conservative Americans be wary going forward? Most people are either thinkers or feelers. Thinkers tend to be conservatives.


“In his remarks today, Donald Trump called for a new civil rights agenda that includes the right to a safe community, the right to a great education and the right to a secure job. These civil rights are in addition to the fundamental, constitutional civil rights of our society and the absolute commitment to equal

Trump: I’m with the NRA, ˜We’re Saving Your 2nd Amendment 100 Percent’

Breitbart While at the Western Conservative Summit, Mr. Trump praised the National Rifle Association (NRA) and his relationship with the group, saying, “We’re saving your Second Amendment 100 percent.” According to CBS News, Mr. Trump said, “I have to tell you, the NRA – these are terrific people and they love the country. They take

Ann Coulter: Stunning New Development!!! Media Calls Trump Racist

Annoyed at federal judge Gonzalo P. Curiel’s persistent rulings against him in the Trump University case (brought by a law firm that has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches by Bill and Hillary), Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that maybe it’s because the judge is a second-generation Mexican immigrant. The entire media —

œOpen Carry Activists Score Yet Another Own Goal

Legal Insurrection – by Andrew Branca  I’ve owned and shot firearms since my age could be measured in single digits. I’ve actively engaged in firearms competition since I was in my teens. I’ve carried a lawfully concealed firearm on my person pretty much every day of my adult life. I’ve been an NRA instructor since


 Dear friends, lets stop and consider the following circumstances surrounding the rule by a long line of elected and bureaucratic traitors relative to the damage they have inflicted to the foundational principles upon which the nation was founded and to the people whom they purport to represent, but do not. Consider the following and then

Dems Contraception Poster Girl Unwilling or Unable To Defend Her Position?

In February of this year, a Georgetown law student testified before Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. Sandra Fluke spoke about the contraception mandate and women’s health. She pleaded for the new mandate because of student’s suffering from lack of contraceptive coverage and how they suffer financially, medically and emotionally.