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The Media March in Lockstep Toward Irrelevance

Robert Knight, As any reporter can tell you, it’s far more fun to cover zany people and events than those exuding decency and restraint.  The news business, like much of the entertainment media, thrives on mayhem.  In Disney’s animated classic “Fantasia,” the spectacular deviltry of “A Night on Bald Mountain” is followed by a peaceful

The Complexity of Creation

Robert Knight, The week after Christmas, leading up to the New Year, can be the richest time for reflection. Holiday gift-buying is over, the presents are unwrapped or even returned, and not much happens in the news. One can sit back and contemplate those moments in which the Christmas spirit overcomes worldly concerns, such as

ACLU: Sight of Cross on Public Tree Inflicts ‘Irreparable Harm’

Robert Knight, Joseph Tompkins is an “irreparable harm” survivor. He’s the guy who got the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to force a small Indiana town to remove a cross from atop its municipal Christmas tree on Monday. Mr. Tompkins, who must be blessed with remarkably selective eyesight, was “forced to come into direct and

Ignore the Antics and Appreciate What’s Coming

Robert Knight,  If you were to ask Chicken Little himself about the progressive mindset since Election Day, he would find it unnervingly alarmist.  “Tell them to chill,” he’d say, shaking his feathery head. You probably don’t need another litany of the vulgar, violent and panic-strewn incidents taking place all over America in the name of

Throwing Off the PC Shackles

Robert Knight, One thing the election reinforced is that “tolerance” is the last thing progressives actually want. The vitriol-laden media coverage, student demonstrations and other forms of protest against the incoming Trump administration are ample evidence. To which I say, mug them again. Tolerance, properly understood, is a wonderful virtue. The progressive version, however is

Casting a Ballot at 110? Pennsylvania’s Ancient Voters

Robert Knight, How many voters do you know who are more than 100 years old? Or 110 years old? Or, how about 126 years old? Hundreds of voters in recent elections in three eastern Pennsylvania counties were more than 100 years of age, with many over 110, according to official voter registration rolls open to

Our Lawless Ruling Elites

Robert Knight, Corruption and abuses of power by America’s ruling class are becoming such everyday occurrences that they leave one wondering if there is any bottom to it. No matter how outrageous the power overreach, it just keeps happening without apparent consequences to the guilty. Several years ago, we learned that the Obama Administration had

Lynch’s Transparent Abuse of the Law

Robert Knight, When Loretta Lynch succeeded Eric Holder as U.S. Attorney General a year ago, some harbored the tiniest hope that she wouldn’t be quite as radical. After all, Holder had done his best to gin up racial resentment, dismiss a clear case of voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party, attack voter photo