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“Christian” Leaders Condemn President Trump for Saving Christians

Daniel Greenfield, Christians and Jews sometimes wonder what is wrong with liberal Jews that they would actively seek to commit suicide. It’s just leftism in action. And there are plenty of Christian and Jewish leftists who suffer from these fits of suicidal insanity. Christian Leaders Denounce Trump’s Plan to Favor Christian Refugees A broad array

The Familiarity of Christmas

Cal Thomas, Familiarity doesn’t always breed contempt. Not if it’s a familiarity with Christmas. While America and much of the world are focusing attention on the coming of the new president, little attention is paid to a gift not even the world’s richest person could pay for and which is even today not received by

Conservative cardinals challenge Pope over teachings on family

Four conservative Roman Catholic cardinals on Monday made a rare public challenge to Pope Francis over some of his teachings in a major document on the family, accusing him of sowing confusion on important moral issues. The cardinals – two Germans, an Italian, and an American – said they had gone public with their letter

Clinton Emails: ‘Needy Latinos’ and Catholic ‘Backwardness’ #Wikileaks

Rob Garver, Like a gas that expands to fill the space available to it, any given scandal in a campaign season — even a small one — can eat up a huge amount of media attention if there’s nothing to distract from it. But the corollary to that truth is that if there is already

Pope says Church should ask forgiveness from gays for past treatment

Pope Francis said on Sunday that Christians and the Roman Catholic Church should seek forgiveness from homosexuals for the way they had treated them. Speaking to reporters aboard the plane taking him back to Rome from Armenia, he also said the Church should ask forgiveness for the way it has treated women, for turning a

Supreme Court dodges major decision on Obamacare birth control

The ideologically deadlocked Supreme Court on Monday failed to resolve a major case involving the Obamacare law’s mandatory birth control coverage, telling lower courts to reconsider the matter after tossing out their rulings favoring President Barack Obama. With four conservative justices and four liberals, the court did not rule on the merits of the legal

1,237 or no 1,237, there will be no ‘brokered’ convention #Trump2016

Are the Democratic and Republican nominations finally settled? Not if you listen to all the talk about “open conventions” and “brokered conventions.” The idea is that delegates selected through state primaries and caucuses then choose any nominee they want at the national convocation. A brokered convention? That would require power brokers. The problem is that

College wins U.S. top court temporary exemption on Obamacare birth control

 The U.S. Supreme Court gave a Christian college in Illinois a temporary exemption from birth control coverage required by President Barack Obama’s health reform law, days after ruling that for-profit employers can opt out for religious reasons. The court said on Thursday in a split 6-3 decision by the justices that Wheaton College, which has

Pope Tours Jerusalem Shrines Before Honoring Zionist Leader

 Pope Francis entered the most contested piece of territory in the Holy Land today, visiting a hilltop compound in Jerusalem that houses Islam’s third-holiest site and is revered by Jews as the sole remnant of their ancient temple. The pontiff removed his shoes to enter the gold-capped Dome of the Rock mosque on the site

Pope, US, Canadian, European leaders in court for murder, trafficking children

 This week charges of rape, torture, murder and child trafficking were filed against members of a Satanic cult referred to as the Ninth Circle. Five judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels Belgium agreed to consider evidence against PopeFrancis, Pope Ratzinger, Jesuit Superior Adolfo Pachon, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Prince Philip, members of the British