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Donald Trump Positions on Homeland Security

I don’t want to be politically correct: Islam hates us Q: You told CNN, “Islam hates us.” Did you mean all 1.6 billion Muslims? TRUMP: I mean a lot of them. Q: Do you want to clarify the comment? TRUMP: I’ve been watching the [other candidates in the] debate today. And they’re talking about radical

'Photon torpedoes' target Mitt VP picks Director of 'Star Trek' joins Soros, unions to slam GOP choices

  J.J. Abrams Film director J.J. Abrams has joined billionaire George Soros and some of the nation’s biggest labor unions in donating large sums to a superPAC targeting potential Republican vice presidential picks and run by David Brock, founder of the controversial Media Matters for America. The superPAC American Bridge 21st Century just unveiled a

Pawlenty’s Stock Rises Amid Veep Rumors

Reading the coverage of the potential vice presidential picks is like reliving the worst days of last summer. We’re told, for a variety of arbitrary reasons, that all of the exciting possibilities (Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie) are long-shots. Each day it seems more likely that the VP pick will be impossibly boring; either