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Portrait of a Patriot from the RNC

Brendan McCommas, Lifezette As the Republican National Convention comes to a close with a successful, unified rally behind the nominee chosen by the voters, it is important to remember the patriots who helped honor the people’s choice. It is said of George Washington that he “practiced a minimalist art in politics, learning how to exert maximum

This Opinion Just In¦Never Trump Devolves Into Farce

Deroy Murdock, Putting aside the merits of Never Trump, do those who want to sink the soon-to-be-anointed Republican presidential nominee have any sense of political strategy? The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol unleashed the biggest drum roll ever recorded in early June. He promised to unveil the greatest, wisest, most visionary, compassionate, and charismatic conservative candidate

How Ken Cuccinelli and Mike Lee Sold Out Grassroots for Convention Floor Spectacle

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Ken Cuccinelli of the Senate Conservatives Fund and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) sold out grassroots conservatives so they could make a spectacle on the floor of the Republican National Convention as part of the last dying breaths of the “Never Trump” collective, which is now officially dead, Breitbart News has confirmed. A

Cruz camp mulling rules fight, while anti-Trump forces vow march on site

The Republican convention appears to be facing a rocky opening both inside and outside the arena – inside, from forces loyal to Ted Cruz mulling a procedural fight and outside, from anti-Trump protesters who could test the demonstration rules set by the city. Party Chairman Reince Priebus formally kicked off the convention Monday afternoon, setting

On convention eve, Trump team confident of smooth path to nomination

As Republicans meet in Cleveland this week to anoint Donald Trump as their candidate for president, senior aides to the outspoken New York businessman are confident they have thwarted a rebellion aimed at denying him the nomination. For the past week, Trump’s team has worked to beat back opposition to the party’s presumptive nominee for

RNC Chairman Priebus: Rules Committee Meeting Shows Our Party ˜Unity’

Patrick Howley, CLEVELAND, Ohio — Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus applauded the work of his Rules Committee just moments after the Committee finalized its rule package in Cleveland. A #NeverTrump plot supported by Ted Cruz’s friend, Utah Sen. Mike Lee, and others including Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia tried to force through a “conscience” voting

Divisions Rile Republican Rules Panel as Trump Nomination Nears

A key Republican National Convention committee crushed a long-shot attempt by rogue delegates to block Donald Trump’s nomination, as internal strife that’s roiled the party for much of the past decade was on full display Thursday amid fights over governing rules for the next four years. The convention’s Rules Committee — convened exactly a week before

Trade, delegates emerge as potential flashpoints as GOP preps for convention

Republicans launched into a debate Monday over the principles and rules that will guide next week’s national convention and beyond — a harbinger of whether the Cleveland event will go smoothly or devolve into party infighting.  The groundwork for the convention is being laid in meetings of the Platform Committee that kicked off Monday in

Never Trump is never happening at the RNC

The delegates looking to dump Trump are badly outnumbered on a key rules committee. Anti-Trump activists plotting a coup at the national convention in Cleveland this month more likely face a drubbing of their own. Any attempt to block Trump would begin in the convention’s rules committee, an 112-member panel of delegates where Trump’s enemies

Establishment Conservatives in Congress Won’t Stand for a Caesar

Sam Tanenhaus As the Republican Party reaches an uneasy truce with Donald Trump, ideological conservatives still insist that he is not one of them and that his victory is a defeat for their ideas. Such skepticism isn’t new for conservatives, especially when it comes to presidents. Of the six Republican presidents in the modern era,

Reince Priebus to RNC: Leave Convention Rules Alone Next Week in Hollywood, Let Delegates Themselves Handle in Cleveland

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart The chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, has warned off members of the RNC from making any changes to the Republican National Convention rules at next week’s spring meeting of the 168-member organization, Breitbart News has learned. “Reince believes strongly that the rules of the convention should be set by

RNC Rules Committee member: Trump may only need 1,100 delegates or so to win the nomination

Allahpundit, Via LawNews, a cryptic comment greeted with euphoria this morning by Drudge, whose fondness for Trump is, shall we say, Hannity-esque: What does Randy Evans, a member of the RNC’s Rules Committee, mean when he says that Trump’s a lock if he reaches 1,100 when everyone understands that 1,237 is required for a majority?