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It’s Time to Chill About Global Warming

Susan Stamper Brown, Global warming activists won’t be satisfied until the Earth freezes over and nothing survives. They relentlessly use obnoxious pictures of polar bears floating on melting sea ice to guilt people into believing we’re to blame. They chose the wrong animal as their “poster child.” Polar bears aren’t cuddly little snowballs who sip

Conway eyes top spot in Trump’s outside political operation

Kellyanne Conway is considering taking the helm of the external political operation that will support Donald Trump during his tenure as president, according to sources familiar with the private deliberations. Just as President Obama’s outside organization became a powerful force in progressive politics, Trump’s infrastructure could become a dominant force on the right. What becomes

GOP expected to defund Planned Parenthood next year

John Sexton, Even as the long-game to overturn Roe v. Wade continues through pro-life appointments to the Supreme Court, the GOP is expected to make a push to defund Planned Parenthood next year. Politico reports it’s a matter of when, not if: “The entire movement is poised for a victory,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of

Why They Protest

Kevin McCullough, Dear Special Snowflakes, I wanted to take a minute to write you specifically, so that you would know that your feelings matter to me. I know the past week or so have been really super, incredibly, terribly, horribly hard for you. You believed that Hillary Clinton would finally break that non-existent glass ceiling

WikiLeaks: Podesta said Clinton aide Cheryl Mills didn’t Want Hillary to run

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills didn’t want her boss to run for president – something campaign chairman John Podesta believed was because Mills approved Clinton’s use of a secret email server, according to a message released Sunday by WikiLeaks. The exchange between Podesta and Center for American Progress head Neera Tanden on July 24,

Trump is a true outsider willing to Drain the sludge from The Swamp

Bruce Bialosky, Legend has it that the District of Columbia was built on a swamp.  Though only two percent of the area known as D.C. originally fit the definition of what can be called swampland, a lot of us think it fits that definition today.  The expression “Drain the Swamp,” which has been traced to

Team Clinton Is Illegally Colluding with a David Brock Super PAC

S. Noble, Independent Sentinel  Hillary Clinton’s campaign illegally colluded with her SuperPAC. In this link, you will find an email from Jennifer Palmieri, Director of Communications for the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, to John Podesta snidely asks if they can get [David] Brock to attack the book [Clinton Cash] as a Murdoch special. Brock runs a Clinton SuperPAC, Correct

QUESTION: ˜The Media’ GRILLS Ivanka About Her Dad, Should They BBQ Chelsea Over Bill?

Ivanka Trump talks business and politics, then puts all so-called ‘feminists’ on notice. Ivanka Trump not only sees her father as a feminist, but she says “it’s a big reason I am the woman I am today”. In addition to being a mother of three, the daughter of Donald Trump and his first wife, Ivana,

Trump cites immigration anger as driving factor in #Brexit vote and beyond

Donald Trump cast Britain’s decision to leave the European Union as a revolt against unfettered immigration into the West, as Thursday’s vote emboldened both the billionaire’s anti-establishment bid for president and other break-away efforts across Europe. From the Netherlands to France, political parties opposed to high immigration levels were demanding their own referendums on E.U.