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World War 3? Obama Could Take A Major Step Toward War With Russia On Friday

Michael Snyder, If Barack Obama decides to directly hit the Syrian military, that will be crossing a “red line” that Russia has already established. Because the mainstream media is devoting almost all of their time and energy to covering the Trump and Clinton campaigns, most Americans don’t realize that the Obama administration is bringing us

Russia, U.S. on Brink of Nuclear War

Clifford Cunningham | Infowars, Russia declares no-fly zone in Syria, moves missiles to Europe. Russia has begun moving nuclear-capable missiles into Europe after America threatened to shoot down Russian planes over Syria, greatly raising the risk of all-out war. Russian military appears to be moving nuclear-capable Iskander-M missiles from Saint Petersburg to Kaliningrad, a Russian

US Central Command Says Airstrike on Syrian Army Killing 62 Was an Accident

Attack conducted by two F-16 fighter jets and two A10 ground attack aircraft… The United States Central Command released a statement admitting that they hit Syrian Army positions, but claim that they did not intend to target Syrian servicemen in violation of the ceasefire agreement, but were instead targeting Daesh terrorists. US military officials acknowledge

Russia defends Su-27’s interception of US spy plane over Baltic Sea

The Russian Defense Ministry Saturday defended a Su-27’s barrel roll over a U.S. spy plane in the Baltic Sea, saying the American jet had turned off its transponder and it wasn’t identifiable. A senior U.S. defense official told Fox News Friday that the Russian fighter jet flew within 100 feet of the U.S. RC-135 surveillance