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Never Trump Mob Led by Ben Sasse Attacks Trump Spiritual Advisor

Todd Starnes, An angry mob of Never Trumpers led by Sen. Ben Sasse attacked the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas – one of the nation’s most respected evangelical congregations. Dr. Robert Jeffress had invited Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity to share his testimony and promote a new faith-based movie during

Hannity: ‘What We’re Seeing Now Is Beyond Media Malpractice’

As seen on Hannity, Sean Hannity says the media is so blinded by their “Trump derangement syndrome” that they can never cover President Trump fairly or tell the truth, and that’s extremely dangerous for the country. “What we’re seeing now is beyond media malpractice,” Hannity said. “They’re doing a tremendous disservice to you, the American

Hannity Accuses CBS of ‘Fake Edited News’ After it Airs Clips from Ted Koppel Interview

Cortney O’Brien, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity did a 45-minute interview with CBS’ Ted Koppel over the weekend about the media’s role in American politics. Koppel, who prides himself on being a non-biased journalist, made clear to Hannity that he believes his opinion-style news show is damaging to the country. Hannity: “You think I’m bad

Juan Williams Slams CNN Report Claiming Sean Hannity ‘Pulled Gun’ on Him After ‘Argument’

Matthew Boyle, The fake news establishment media at CNN is at it again. Now they are attacking Fox News host Sean Hannity, smearing his reputation with a phony story about him allegedly pointing a gun at liberal Fox News contributor Juan Williams. Dylan Byers, one of the media writers at CNN who works for media

Alt-left media pushes Russia fantasy despite no evidence

Sean Hannity, Serious journalists have debunked the fake news narrative about a connection between President Trump and Russia, but the same media that refused to vet President Obama continues to run wild with it. In what can be described as journalistic malpractice, and a gross dereliction of duty, the alt-left radical propaganda press continues to

James O’Keefe To Release ‘Hundreds Of Hours’ Of Leaked Newsroom Footage Soon

O’Keefe suggested CNN would be exposed. Conservative provocateur James O’Keefe III said on Tuesday that he will soon release “hundreds of hours” of unaired footage secreted out of a major news organization. The footage could come as early as Thursday, he told Fox News host Sean Hannity during a radio interview. The footage was provided

Trump’s bold border plan will save lives, money #MAGA

Sean Hannity, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is not messing around. The retired four-star U.S. Marine Corps general  announced new guidelines to implement President Trump’s agenda on immigration. They include prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens who have been convicted, charged or even suspected of committing crimes. He is calling for an additional

President Trump’s immigration raids just another promise kept

Sean Hannity, Once again, there is collective hysteria from the alt-radical left over the fact that over the last week, federal immigration officials arrested 680 mostly dangerous individuals in a series of raids. From press accounts, you would think they were all virtuous, wonderful people just trying to make a better life for their children.

Jorge Ramos: ‘Deportation czar’ Trump ‘destroying American families’

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos squared off with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Monday night in a debate over President Donald Trump’s illegal immigration policy, with Ramos calling the president the “deportation czar.” Ramos, who famously confronted Trump on the campaign trail over his promise to build a wall across the southern border hours after the president

Lazy Republicans need to get up to Trump speed, or out of the way

Sean Hannity, President Trump is shaking up Washington with a shock and awe campaign that has caught the establishment flat-footed – including the Republicans who are supposed to be helping him with the heavy lifting. Consider what Trump has gotten done in a little over three weeks, with little or no help from GOP lawmakers.

Phony Native American Liz Warren leads Dems twisted anti-Trump charge

Sean Hannity, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is leading the Democrats’ attack on President Trump and obstruction of his efforts to assemble a cabinet, but the woman Trump calls “Pocahontas” speaks with a forked tongue. Warren took to the Senate floor earlier this week to smear and slander her own former Senate colleague and Trump’s choice