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Senate Committee to Vote on Anti-Gun Judge, Robert Wilkins for Nation’s 2nd-Highest Court


AmmoLand Washington, DC –-( The Senate Judiciary Committee will soon begin the first step in taking anti-gun judges and “court-packing” them into what is widely regarded as the nation’s second-most-important court — the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. And, unlike anti-gun judges with no “paper trail,” the nominee, Robert Wilkins, has a particularly virulent anti-gun record.

Pro-Choice on the Second Amendment: The Real Right to Choose

Lee Culpepper   If domestic violence, rape, or murder were to threaten 40 percent of the nation’s women like irresponsible pregnancies do, perhaps America might finally own up to which political party empowers women and which party merely patronizes them. In fact, Colorado’s recent recall elections involving anti-gun politicians are bringing light to this reality. After

Should We Be Optimistic or Pessimistic about the Future of the Second Amendment?

Fifty years from now (assuming we haven’t suffered a Greek-style fiscal collapse), will we still enjoy our constitutional freedom of private gun ownership? Sometimes I’m pessimistic about what will happen because politically correct educators are brainwashing our kids. We’ve even gotten to the point where a deaf kid can’t use sign language if his fingers somehow resemble