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Pence: Will use ‘all legal means at our disposal’ to reinstate immigration ban

Vice President Mike Pence said Sunday that the federal judge who halted President Trump’s temporary immigration ban “made the wrong decision” and vowed to use “all legal means at our disposal” to protect Americans. “From the outset of his campaign and administration, the president of the United States has made it clear to put the

Let’s Hope the Loony Left Keeps Exposing Itself

David Limbaugh, How deliciously ironic that the unhinged Democrats are fueling, not paralyzing, President Donald Trump and energizing, not intimidating, his supporters — whose numbers are growing. The entire liberal establishment — from the cultural crybabies to the lefty campus snowflakes to the mainstream media to the leading Democratic politicians — is having a nervous

Senate confirms Tillerson as secretary of State, in GOP push to fill Trump Cabinet

The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Rex Tillerson as secretary of State, as part of a fast-paced day for majority Republicans who also pushed past Democratic resistance to advance three other President Trump Cabinet picks to a final vote.  The vote to confirm the former ExxonMobil executive as the country’s top diplomat was 56-43.  Earlier in

Sessions once asked Yates about AG’s responsibility to say ‘no’ to a president

President Trump’s selection for attorney general once questioned Sally Yates during a confirmation hearing in 2015 about whether the role of an attorney general was simply follow marching orders from the sitting president. “If the views the president wants to execute is unlawful, should the attorney general or deputy attorney general say no?” Sessions asked.

We don’t need to spend our tax dollars on Planned Parenthood #DefundPP

Kristan Hawkins, There is no organization as near and dear to the hearts of abortion advocates as Planned Parenthood. President Obama almost shut down the government in 2011 over federal funding of the nation’s largest abortion vendor. Candidate Hillary Clinton often gushed about her love of the non-profit, which has revenues of over a billion

See academics making fools of themselves, look at Sessions’ confirmation hearings

John R. Lott, The headline on the front page of the Washington Post sure sounded impressive: “More than 1,100 law school professors nationwide oppose Sessions’s nomination as attorney general.” Since then, the total has increased to 1,424 faculty members from 180 law schools in 49 different states. With Senate Judiciary committee getting ready to vote

Cory Booker 2020 Pres. Hopeful Testifies against Sessions – and earns Republican rebuke

Jennifer G. Hickey, Democratic Sen. Cory Booker cast aside long-standing precedent Wednesday and testified against a sitting Senate colleague, as he urged the chamber not to confirm Jeff Sessions for attorney general – a move that earned him a rebuke from Republicans. Critics charged the New Jersey senator was merely burnishing his credentials for a

FOP Leader Who Supported Eric Holder Said Sessions Will Be ‘Exemplary’ Attorney General

Leah Barkoukis, Chuck Canterbury, the national president of the Fraternal Order of Police, told the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday during testimony that Sen. Jeff Sessions has been a “true partner to law enforcement.” Canterbury, who supported former Attorney General Eric Holder in 2009, said that in the many times he’s testified before Congress, he’s “never

Men in KKK costumes disrupt Sessions confirmation hearing

Protesters disrupted Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing for attorney general on Tuesday, including two men wearing Ku Klux Klan costumes and a woman wearing a pink crown. The conservative Alabama senator, who is Donald Trump’s pick for the nation’s top law enforcement official, faces concerns over how committed he would be to civil rights. The

Trump picks for attorney general, DHS kick off week of confirmation hearings

President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees to lead the departments of Justice and Homeland Security will appear before Senate commitees Tuesday to kick off what is likely to be a contentious confirmation process. Top transition officials, along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., are citing a potential double standard as some Democratic lawmakers seek a delay

Senator Sessions, Trump’s pick for attorney general, is a good and decent man

Victoria Toensing, Once again a good and decent man is being maligned. Sen. Jeff Sessions, nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to be U.S. attorney general, is that man. Democrats and the Left, just as they did 30 years ago when Sessions was nominated for a federal judgeship, are trying to derail his nomination — with