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Former Senate President of Haiti Claims Clinton Tried to Bribe Him

Bernard Sansaricq, the former Haitian President of the Senate for several months in 1994, told Donald Trump at an event that Clinton invaded Haiti. Sansaricq said he was hitting back hard against the invasion on TV and, to appease him, he said Clinton sent Bill Richardson to speak with him. A week later, the US vs.

Debra J. Saunders  There are certain elections that make you want to wash your hands before voting. And that usually has something to do with the candidates. In California’s 10th Senate District, two Democrats who have served in the California Assembly want to fill the state Senate seat of termed-out Ellen Corbett. Former Assemblywoman Mary

Hawaii GOP refuses request to recruit for Obamacare exchange

 The Hawaii Republican Party has turned down a plea from the Hawaii Health Connector to use party leadership and legislators to recruit for the exchange. In a Dec. 27 email to Kayla Berube, executive director of the Hawaii Republican Party, Ria Baldevia of the health connector asked whether GOP leadership and lawmakers could help uninsured Hawaii