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Trump expected to release new list of potential Supreme Court justices

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was expected to release a new list of potential Supreme Court nominees on Friday that NBC News said would include U.S. Senator Mike Lee, a prominent supporter of former Trump foe Ted Cruz. Campaign aides said the list would be announced later in the day. Trump has already released one

Trump takes center stage at #RNC2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will try to restore order to his convention on Thursday with a prime-time speech after rival Ted Cruz drew boos for refusing to endorse him. Trump’s speech will close out a four-day conclave in Cleveland that exposed continuing divisions among Republicans over their nominee at a time when they need

Mike Huckabee to Ted Cruz: If you can’t endorse Trump in your convention speech, get off the stage

Allahpundit, “Huck’s vindictive streak was first a little secret, then sorta funny, now it is almost the whole package,” wrote Michael Brendan Dougherty. True, and never more true than where Cruz is concerned. Ever since evangelical leaders upset his best-laid plans for 2016 by uniting behind Cruz instead of him, Huckabee’s seized every opportunity