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Why Jeff Sessions, a conservative attorney general, would be best for crime victims

Paul G. Cassell, Steven J. Twist, As two crime victims’ rights advocates and law professors, we welcome the announcement that President-elect Trump will nominate Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be the next attorney general of the United States. Senator Sessions has a long and robust record of fighting for justice, and more specifically for enforceable

Feinstein Introduces New Federal Bill to Confiscate Guns if Snitches Feel Unsafe

Activist Post  Two weeks after Elliot Rodger stabbed three people and shot three more, a trio of legislators from California, including Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, have proposed a new federal law called “The Pause for Safety Act”.The law would allow anyone at any time to seek a “firearms restraining order” against an individual to

CIA’s Declassified Torture Handbook: How to Create a œWorld of Fear, Terror, Anxiety, Dread.

Unredacted – by Lauren Harper  Senator Feinstein’s quest to declassify her committee’s report on the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program has increased attention on the agency’s illegal –and decades-old– interrogation techniques. Now, newly-declassified portions of the CIA’s infamous 1963 KUBARK manual, a comprehensive guide for teaching interrogators how to effectively create “a world of fear, terror, anxiety, [and] dread,” helps to