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Famous Navy SEAL Calls For Veterans To Defend Trump NOW!

Infowars, Navy SEAL veteran Craig Sawyer gives a live public defense of Trump. American veterans finally have a commander-in-chief who is ready to fight for their rights. Marco Rubio & Ice-T Trash Snoop Dogg’s Trump Assassination Video (See Below) “You can’t point a gun at the president!” Navy Seal To Vets: Defend Trump Now  

We Don’t Need Any More Debate, Senator Rubio

Bill Sardi, Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza extols Senator Marco Rubio for his recent Rodney King-like speech (“Can’t we all just get along?”).  These are the main statements reporter Cillizza excerpted from Senator Rubio’s speech: * “I don’t know of a civilization in the history of the world that’s been able to solve its problems

Sens. Cruz, Heller, and Rubio Introduce Bill To Move U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem

Christine Rousselle, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV), and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) have introduced the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act, which would move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and therefore recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. Currently, the U.S. Embassy is located in Tel Aviv. In a statement, Sen. Cruz

Phyllis Schlafly: Failed Republicans Want to Rewrite the Constitution

Did you ever wonder why unsuccessful candidates merely “suspend” their campaigns after losing a key primary instead of terminating them? Surely all those candidates know that it’s impossible to restart a presidential campaign once it’s been suspended. In the famous words of Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter Alice Longworth, “You can’t make a souffle rise twice.” The

Marco Rubio at CPAC 2014: The illegitimacy of tyranny


Senator Marco Rubio’s address to CPAC 2014 emphasized foreign policy, in light of the current drama in Ukraine. Rubio put the Russian action in Crimea in context alongside other grim events on the international stage, including China’s increasingly aggressive territorial claims in Asia; North Korea’s dogged efforts to create nuclear ICBMs that could reach the