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Senator Sessions: “This serious problem was well known to Hillary Clinton the entire time she was Secretary of State. Yet she failed to stop this practice when she had the duty and responsibility do so as Secretary of State” “Federal records show that from 2008 to 2014, nearly 13,000 criminal aliens who had been ordered

Senate rejects Gun-Control measures after Orlando shooting

The U.S. Senate on Monday rejected four measures restricting gun sales after last week’s massacre in an Orlando nightclub, dealing a bitter setback to advocates who have failed to get even modest gun curbs through Congress despite repeated mass shootings. A group of senators was still hoping to forge a compromise for later in the

Tampa RNC Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity !

I’m humbled to have been selected to speak at the convention. It’s a tremendous honor to be able to address an energized and united Republican Party, and to introduce the next President of the United States, Mitt Romney.I’m even more excited I’ll be there to see Governor Romney accept his nomination — and you could

Senator Suggested False Flag Attack To Kennedy 2 Years Prior To Operation Northwoods Proposal


  According to newly released documents by the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library, former Californian democratic senator George Smathers proposed an Operation Northwoods style false flag attack on Gitmo to then Massachusetts senator Kennedy. The Guardian reports Kennedy and Smathers were seriously entertaining the possibility of assassinating Fidel Castro. Kennedy was obviously against the entire

More Americans on Government Dole Than Found Jobs

Between April and June, according to statistics released by the Senate Budget Committee, more Americans went on Social Security disability than found jobs. According to figures released by the committee, a total of 246,000 people enrolled in the Social Security Disability Insurance program while during the same period a mere 225,000 found jobs. Senator Jeff