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Action Plan for President Trump

Action Plan for President Trump The Heartland Institute released a 34-point action plan for the new administration in November. The entire document can be downloaded in PDF here. Click on the titles below to view each section of the document. Energy & Environment Adopting a Pro-Environment, Pro-Energy, Pro-Jobs agenda would produce millions of jobs and

‘Climate Change’: It Was Better When The Media Didn’t Pretend To Be Impartial

Seton Motley, One of the greatest of the great many scams to be hatched and nurtured during the radical Left revolution of the 1960s – was the notion of “objective journalism.”  The radicals created the concept – to advance Leftism under artificial cover. Prior, most newspapers and other outlets were openly organs for one Party or faction

Trump Is About To Shed An Obama Holdover – May It Be The Lead Of A Long Train

Seton Motley, We have spent just about the entirety of the nascent Donald Trump Administration imploring them to rid themselves of every single Barack Obama Administration holdover they can identify.  And that they dedicate specific staff members – who spend their entire time identifying Obama Administration holdovers. The incoming Trump Administration represents a nigh 180-degree reversal of just about all

Obama’s Assaults On Trump – Are Assaults On Our Governmental System And Nation

Seton Motley, There was once a long and fabulous tradition in American politics.  A president, once no longer President, kept his trap shut about his successors.  This is a very (small “r”) republican thing to do.  Americans peaceably elected the next person – and Americans and the world need only hear from one president at

The Government First-Last-and-Only Approach Has Failed: In DC, and New York, and….

Seton Motley, Governments the world over have spent the last century-plus rigidly insisting that they can do…well, everything better than We the People can. That private citizens, engaged in voluntary interactions amongst themselves – will only blow it. That government is required to run things – to ensure nothing goes sideways. As the last century-plus

2017: Trump’s Reality Revolution Won – Now It Must be Implemented

Seton Motley, Washington, D.C. has been – for decades, in bipartisan fashion – a swallowing void of anti-reality.  The federal government has at best terribly mishandled, at worst utterly destroyed everything in which it insists on involving itself.  Despite this record of nigh perfect imperfection, the list of things in which the federal government insists