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Submarine Hunting for Flight 370 Completes First Full Mission

 An unmanned submarine trolling for the missing Malaysian (MAS) jet completed its first full mission after technical issues cut short two earlier sorties. The Bluefin-21 has now searched 90 square kilometers (35 square miles) of ocean floor and data downloaded from its latest trip is being analyzed, Australia’s Joint Agency Coordination Centre said in an

Submarine Hunt for Malaysian Plane Aborted After Six Hours

 A submarine scouring the floor of the Indian Ocean for the missing Malaysian (MAS) jet had to abort its maiden voyage after descending too deep, providing investigators with less than half the data the equipment was meant to capture. The Bluefin-21 vessel was forced back to the surface by a built-in safety feature after dropping

MH370 Pinger: Australian Ship Reacquires Signals in Plane Search

 An Australian ship reacquired signals during a search for the missing Malaysian plane while an analysis of previous pings confirmed the sounds were consistent with those emitted by black boxes. The Ocean Shield, pulling a U.S. Navy towed pinger locator, detected a signal for five minutes and 32 seconds yesterday afternoon and later in the