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Shailene Woodley, Rising Star Rips Radical Feminists With Just Five Words

 Shailene Woodley is one of Hollywood’s fastest-rising female stars after portraying the lead character in the recent big screen adaptation of “Divergent.” Though her character, showcasing all the bravery of any action movie hero, could be used to rally women for the feminist cause, Woodley offered a pragmatic answer in a recent interview when asked

Another Actress Offends the Media With Anti-Feminist Comments

Cortney O’Brien  It turns out Jezebel’s hatred for Kirsten Dunst was short-lived, as they’ve found a new female celebrity to skewer. Dunst ruffled feminists’ feathers in April by promoting traditional gender roles. Now, it’s ‘Divergent’ film star Shailene Woodley who is rejecting modern feminism. Here’s an excerpt from her interview with Time, when they asked