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CBS Anchor Under Fire for Censoring Hannity Interview

Shepard Ambellas | Infowars, Ted Koppel: an enemy of a transparent and vibrant media marketplace. CBS Sunday Morning special contributor Ted Koppel is well-known for his promotion of state-sponsored talking points during his 25-year long career as the anchor of ABC’s Nightline. Now Koppel is back in the headlines after interviewing Fox News’ Sean Hannity

O’Keefe Exposes Attorney Who Helped Pedophile Teacher Get Away With Raping Students

Shepard Ambellas | Infowars, Teacher who forced students to have oral sex decades ago may still be on the prowl. New York State United Teachers attorney Mitchell Rubinstein found himself in the hot seat Tuesday after Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe released a shocking 16-minute hidden camera video shot at a union holiday party in Dec.

Man Who Funneled Chinese Money to Clinton Made ‘insurance policy’ Video Fearing Assassination

Shepard Ambellas | Infowars, A former fundraiser for the Clintons drops the hammer in secret tell-all video. Author and historian Doug Wead recently got his hands on bombshell video footage which shows Bill Clinton’s former money man Johnny Chung spilling the beans on a deal he helped facilitate between the former US president and the

Secret ‘CNN Tapes’ Project Veritas Leaks Full 119 Hours of Audio #CNNLeaks

Shepard Ambellas | Infowars, Secret audio leaked from within CNN’s Atlanta H.Q. 119 hours of “secretly recorded audio from within CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta” was released Thursday by Project Veritas at the 2017 CPAC conference. Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe told reporters that over 220 minutes of leaked audio was captured by a source inside the

Papa John’s CEO: US Needs ‘free markets with limited government’

Shepard Ambellas | Infowars, Pizza magnate says big government, heavy regulations have jammed entrepreneurship. Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnatter says overpaid corporate executives have driven the country down a precarious path veering far away from free trade, which is vital for the country to flourish. In his new book, “Papa: The Story of

Why Cartel-Funded Nieto Opposes Trump’s Wall

Shepard Ambellas | Infowars, Congress already granted Trump ability to build wall. “Mexico does not believe in walls.” – Mexican President Nieto It’s no secret that a vast amount of illegal drugs, trafficked humans, criminals and potential terrorists have poured over the southern border of the U.S. from Mexico in recent years, leading to an increase

‘Overwhelmed’ Massachusetts Nuclear Power Plant Spikes with Radiation

Shepard Ambellas | Infowars, Already troubled nuclear plant now on the fritz. PLYMOUTH, Mass. — The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant has spiked with radiation to near alert levels alarming officials. The already troubled plant located in Cape Cod Bay has spiked local radiation detectors as high as 115 counts per minute (CPM), adding concern to

Senators McCain and Graham Push for New Conflict with Russia

Shepard Ambellas | Infowars, ‘We need to show any nation what happens to them if they try to interfere with our democratic process’ U.S. Representative for New York’s 2nd Congressional District Peter King was spot on with his mid-December assessment of the ongoing ‘Russian hacking’ claims, which King feels lack merit and have been used