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2016 was the year of the deplorables

Todd Starnes, My father was a member of the Silent Majority and had he been alive he would’ve cast his vote for Donald J. Trump. He would’ve been one of those people Hillary Clinton called a “deplorable.” I’ve lived in New York City for more than a decade now – and I’ve seen firsthand the

A loud cheer for the Silent Majority that lifted Trump to victory

Todd Starnes, Our long national nightmare is over and the Republic has been saved. I’m originally from the Deep South. My father, who passed away in 2006, was a blue-collar worker. We lived paycheck-to-paycheck. We went to church on Sunday. We lived a quiet life – just like many families in so-called “Fly-Over Country.” My

October Surprise! Why ňúSilent Majority’ Won’t Reveal Trump Support Until Last Moment!

Matt Schneider, Mediaite  “I used to be Republican until I had a wake-up call. I realized the fate of the nation was way less important than people liking me!” That’s one of my crowd-pleasing stand-up comedy jokes that is sadly funny because of how true it is.  In front of mostly liberal audiences in New