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Super Bowl 51 Completes the Left’s Hyper-Politicization of Absolutely Everything

John Nolte, A major newspaper demands Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady answer for his support of President Trump. Lady Gaga will use her halftime show to sing about “equality” and “inclusion.” The insufferable and polarizing cast of “Hamilton” will sing “America the Beautiful.” There will be not one but two ads hectoring us over the issue

Rules for Righties — a War-Winning Manifesto for 2017 #MAGA

James Delingpole, 2016 was a great year for most of us – but just because we’ve gained the beachhead doesn’t mean we’re going to win the war. With Brexit and Donald Trump, we’ve done the equivalent of capturing everywhere from Pointe Du Hoc to Pegasus Bridge. But just like with D-Day, the worst of the

Obama Pushes Censorship with ‘Fake News’ Talking Point; It’s A ‘Threat To Democracy’

Steve Watson | Infowars, “It’s packaged very well, and it looks the same.” As Democrats and Hillary Clinton supporters come to terms with a Donald Trump administration, the ‘fake news won him the election’ talking point was pushed to new heights as the outgoing president suggested ‘fake’ media websites are undermining the political process.  “If we are

The Trump Victory and ‘Whitelash’: The Left’s Dilemma

Jack Kerwick, Though I find CNN’s Van Jones to be a man with few redeeming qualities, he may have stumbled upon an insight when he described the presidential election outcome on Tuesday night as the product of a “whitelash.” While people of every racial background and religion voted for him—Trump was as close to an

It’s come to this: WaPo writer is raising her cats œgender neutral

Jazz Shaw, So… where was the website where you sign up for one way tickets to live on Mars again? I’ve lost track of the number of SJW stories we’ve covered here which deal with issues surrounding “transgender” citizens (or more appropriately, gender impersonators in medical terms) but most of them at least have