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Slate switches from defense of Electoral College to calling it a tool of white supremacy

What a difference four years and Donald Trump’s victory make for the liberal site Slate.  Slate published a piece in November 2012 called “In Defense of the Electoral College” that lists five reasons why the system, which allows state electors to ultimately select the future president whether or not that person won the popular vote, is

House Democrats set to vote for leader

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi faces a challenge to her job as frustrated House Democrats meet to select a new slate of leaders. Pelosi is likely to be re-elected easily Wednesday despite disenchantment among some in the Democratic caucus she has led since 2002. Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan is challenging her for the job, arguing

Will the Electoral College be deciding who’s president?

We must speak of contingencies in the presidential election year of 2016 because it has already been so strange. The Donald Trump phenomenon. A Sherman-esque non-candidacy by House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. A third–party candidacy. And efforts to court Mitt Romney or Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., are prime examples. Certainly a third party could prevent

Cruz continues to poach delegates, stealing a large number from Arizona who are bound to Trump

Thomas Madison, More delegate poaching by Crooked Canadian Cruz has been reported, this time in Arizona. Even though Donald Trump annihilated the Canadian at the primary polls, winning all 58 of Arizona’s delegates, the crooked Canadian sneaked into the post-primary mix and convinced a large number of those delegates to switch to his side on

New Hampshire Donald Trump Delegates Blocked from Committees

Alex Swoyer, The New Hampshire Republican Party canceled the vote on Monday on the slate of delegates, which would have been assigned to committees at the Republican National Convention in July because of pressure from Donald Trump’s campaign, according to an update from Politico. Trump’s campaign complained about the possibility of his delegates not being

Trump locks down Delaware GOP delegates

No grassroots revolt against Donald Trump’s accelerating journey to the Republican presidential nomination materialized, as it has in some other states, when Delaware Republicans gathered Saturday for their annual convention. The State Republican Party held its convention in Dewey Beach at the Baycenter on Saturday, April 30, making decisions about candidates and picking delegates to

How many delegates did Trump win in Pennsylvania? A detailed look.

Phil Kerpen, Donald Trump won 17 bound delegates with the popular vote in Pennsylvania. The state’s other 54 delegates, three per Congressional District, are unbound. At the moment, results of the presidential vote by district (to verify who the “district winner” was in each district) are still unavailable. Decision Desk HQ is working on them,

Trump Campaign Considering Challenging Colorado Delegates

Donald Trump’s campaign says they are “of course” thinking about challenging the seating of the Colorado delegation at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland after several ballot irregularities and delegate number mix-ups at state meetings this weekend according to a report by ABC News. A senior Trump aide said in a text message the campaign