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Europe Reaping What it Sowed With Open Borders Policy for Muslim Refugees

Rachel Alexander, No one could have predicted that left-leaning German Chancellor Angela Merkel would call for banning hijabs. The open borders policy European countries have taken toward refugees fleeing the Middle East due to ISIS has resulted in violence increasing in those countries, with ISIS infiltrating the refugees. Facing a tough reelection next year as

Putin’s masterplan: Russia secretly undermining the West as support gathers for leader

RUSSIA is on a specifically designed path to discredit the West and undermine trans-Atlantic ties using political tactics, a new report has claimed. Vladimir Putin’s nation has been hell bent on manoeuvring itself into a position of strength across continents, and is secretly succeeding, an American-based research group said. The report released on Thursday said

Kerry to Give Award to Soros Activist Aiding Muslim Migration into Slovakia

Daniel Greenfield, The Women of Courage award has always been terrible. This time though one of the worst awardees isn’t in the Muslim world, but in Slovakia. As Director of the Human Rights League (HRL) – Slovakia’s premier NGO providing legal and other assistance to foreigners –attorney Zuzana Stevulova has emerged as the country’s most

Ukraine Hunts for Gas to Prepare for Winter Without Russia Fuel

Spring has barely started in Ukraine and the nation is already thinking about winter’s chill.  As the country finds itself close to conflict with Russia, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s government is desperate to make sure there will be enough natural gas to heat households and keep factories running throughout the long Ukrainian winter. That’s a