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‘Smoking Gun’ Email Confirms DNC Involvement In Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies

Zero Hedge, Just another plume of smoke? Just a few days ago, Project Veritas released a bombshell video exposing coordinated efforts between the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, Democracy Partners (run by Robert Creamer) and The Foval Group (run by Scott Foval) to incite violence at Trump rallies across the country.  The Clinton

Building 7 – Still The Smoking Gun

  What’s been told, or rather sold, to us on TV by news pundits, presidents and lawmakers are all complete and blatant lies. Anyone who’s tried to wake someone else up with evidence of squibs, sub-basement explosions, knowledge of past false-flags perpetrated by our government, and the arrant impossibility of two 110-story skyscrapers collapsing at