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Obama Threatens “Proportional” Attack on Russia

Daniel Greenfield, The Chinese and the Russians have stolen some of America’s biggest secrets. China grabbed much of our biggest weapons secrets and Russia made a point of humiliating our intel capabilities with Snowden. None of this really bothered Obama. But then then they began undermining Hillary and the Democrats. And now Obama is going to

How Donald Trump Can Take Down Both Hillary…and Obama

Wayne Allyn Root,  Hillary was President Obama’s secretary of state. They must have communicated often. Right? Didn’t Hillary ever talk to Obama over email or cell phone about classified or “Top Secret” business of the United States? They must have discussed national security issues, right? I’m betting yes. If so, the mainstream media isn’t discussing

Machiavellian or dumb? Obama’s take on Hillary Clinton’s emails is hard to figure out

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, President Barack Obama’s recent remarks to my Fox News colleague Chris Wallace about Hillary Clinton’s email issues were either Machiavellian or dumb. It is difficult to tell from them whether he wants the mountain of evidence of her criminal behavior presented to a federal grand jury or he wants her to