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Voting for A Chance To Change Our World #VoteforTrump

Mark Davis, This may be a very unhip thing to admit, but as the election draws to a close, I am not miserable. I know the cool, knowing, fashionable mood is to be dispirited, beaten down, fatigued and downright repulsed by the spectacle of the last year of the campaign, particularly the last six months

The Candidates’ High Court Priority — and the Constitution’s

Jeff Jacoby,  RIGHT OFF THE bat, moderator Chris Wallace asked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: “What’s your view on how the Constitution should be interpreted?” Right off the bat, Clinton and Trump gave the wrong answers. Clinton announced that the Supreme Court needs to “stand on the side of the American people,” and then rattled

Let’s Talk About Morality: Hillary Clinton is Still a “liar” and “unethical”

Joy Overbeck,  Let’s not talk about whether Hillary Clinton’s defense of a husband she knew was a serial molester and accused rapist was moral or not. Or whether she acted immorally when she attacked his victims as “trailer trash” and “bimbos” and led “bimbo eruption” strategy meetings in the White House to destroy these women.

Trump speech makes appeals to potential Sanders, other Democratic cross-over voters

Donald Trump, in accepting the Republican presidential nomination Thursday, delivered a speech that appealed to his conservative base but also presented promises and hope to former Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters and other potential Democratic cross-over voters — including better trade deals, improved schools and less crime in impoverished urban areas. As the self-proclaimed “law-and-order” candidate,

Why Trump may defy the conventional wisdom once again #Trump2016

Bruce Thornton, FPM Can Trump Beat Hillary? After the departure of Ted Cruz and John Kasich, Donald Trump is now the Republican candidate for president. For many in the party, this will be the “Trumpacolypse,” as a Twitter hashtag has it. His unfavorable ratings are at 65%––70% with women, and up to 80% with blacks and

Cruz Camp STEALS St. Louis County Delegates After Trump Wins Initial Vote #LyinTed

Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit The St. Louis County Republican Caucus was held today at the Missouri River Township Caucus at the Westminster Christian Academy – near highways 40 and 270 this afternoon. There were two slates that were voted on today at the convention. One was called “Cruz” and the other “Trump.” So there