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SHOCKING Leaked DHS Drill: Military, Veterans, Capitalists Are The Enemy

Kris Zane  A shocking DHS document, leaked on March 24, 2014 by InfoWars, reveals who Barack Obama’s real enemy is: the military, veterans, the National Guard, and those who eschew Obama’s brand of democratic socialism. The 160-page document describes a drill going on this very minute, dubbed “Capstone Exercise 2014: Scenario Ground Truth,” whereby a

Homeland Security Exercise Targets œFree Americans Against Socialist Tyranny

Leaked documents reveal plan to counter online dissent during martial law Leaked Homeland Security documents obtained by Infowars reveal details of a joint DHS/FEMA national exercise set to take place this week, one of the components of which revolves around an effort to counter online dissent by a group called “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny,”