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Actually, 9th Circuit Judges, 72 Terrorists Have Come From Those 7 Banned Countries

Joseph Curl, President Trump has been blasted in the media for having the temerity to protect Americans with a temporary travel ban on immigrants from seven of the worst terrorist hotbeds in the world.   And San Francisco’s Ninth Circuit court of appeals ruled against Trump’s travel ban, saying, “The government has pointed to no

Andy Schlafly: Trump Versus the Judge

Donald Trump won the presidency fair and square, but there’s a well-funded movement to resist his victory and defy the new president’s authority over the executive branch of our government.  Now one federal judge, who sits nearly 3,000 miles away in the “other” Washington, has raised the stakes by ordering federal bureaucrats to disobey a

Trump mounts public defense of immigration order, blasts ‘political’ courts

President Trump on Wednesday brought the legal dispute over his immigration executive order into the court of public opinion, using a Washington law enforcement address to mount an urgent defense of the measure and urge the federal courts to reinstate it.  At a meeting with local sheriffs and police chiefs, the president said he issued

Some Muslim-American activists back Trump’s extreme vetting

Not all Muslim-Americans reject President Trump’s executive order restricting travel from seven troubled, Muslim-majority nations. Amid widespread protests and a federal lawsuit filed by the Council for American-Islamic Relations, a handful of Muslim activists say the president was right to order the sudden imposition of strict and targeted travel regulations. “It’s not a ban on

Trump’s reform policy only impacts one of every eight Muslims worldwide

Breitbart, Eighty-seven percent of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are not affected by President Donald Trump’s Friday decision to temporarily withhold visas from citizens of seven Middle Eastern countries. Approximately thirteen percent of the world’s Muslims, or 199.4 million out of up to 1.6 billion, live in those seven countries, according to a 2015 Pew Research Report, “The

Obama Admin Nearly Doubles Number of Refugee Arrivals So Far in FY 2017

Michael Patrick Leahy, The Obama administration has accepted 25,584 refugees into the United States in the two months and 26 days since FY 2017 began on October 1, according to the Department of State interactive website. That number is nearly double the 13,791 refugees accepted during the comparable period between October 1, 2015 and December

How the outgoing president has made our holidays hazardous

Lloyd Billingsley, The Season of Living Dangerously. Obama is the “most loquacious” president ever, George Will said on Fox News on Monday. Will then challenged guests Mercedes Schlapp and Charles Lane to recall something memorable the president had said. Nothing emerged, probably because broadcast time was running short. After all, the outgoing president did make

The terror cancer is growing: Trump will need a new strategy to defeat it

Newt Gingrich, In recent days, there have been three deadly terrorist attacks in three different countries. In Jordan, ten people were killed (a Canadian woman among them) and 34 were wounded in an attack on a crusader castle which is a popular tourist destination. Seven of the dead were Jordanian security forces fighting to defeat

Republican-Led Congress Oversees Large-Scale Importation of Somali Migrants

Julia Hahn, The Somali refugee responsible for attacking young Americans at Ohio State University was deliberately imported into the country by the nation’s federal immigration policy–yet the scale and impact of immigration from undeveloped, foreign cultures is still a surprise to some politicians. Since 2001, the United States has permanently resettled nearly 100,000 migrants from