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As Promised Young America’s Foundation Sues Berkeley for Free Speech Violations

Young America’s Foundation, Students at Berkeley have the right to hear diverse viewpoints. On Monday, April 24, 2017, Young America’s Foundation (YAF) fulfilled its promise to file a lawsuit, in federal court, against the University of California, Berkeley for the University’s unconstitutional suppression of free speech on campus. Last week, YAF warned officials at the

Free Speech For Me, But Not For Thee

Jerry Newcombe, “Liberal censorship” is technically an oxymoron. But today liberal censorship is a common reality. Where once free speech reigned on college campuses and in other secular institutions (or at least it was so thought), today you have the totalitarianism of political correctness. Say the wrong thing, and you may be fired. Dissenting Justice

This Is War

Derek Hunter, Republicans never have been particularly good at the culture war. Sure, they won battles here and there. But even most of those victories turned into losses through court decisions anyway. Now we’re in the midst of the ultimate battle in the culture war – the battle for the First Amendment – and if

Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley: Riots ‘a step toward chaos and anarchy’

“The Five” opened their show Tuesday night by discussing the expected protests over Ann Coulter’s planned Thursday appearance at the University of California Berkeley. The university initially attempted to reschedule Coulter’s appearance over security concerns and law enforcement sources told Fox News there was a “99 percent” chance of violence should she appear. “It’s a