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After Obama says farewell– looking to Eisenhower for wisdom from the past

Bret Baier, Tuesday night President Obama delivered his farewell to the nation, choosing the McCormick Place in his Chicago hometown as the stage.  The dramatic setting, the enormous crowd and the almost concert-like optics set this apart from every other presidential farewell. With echoes of past speeches and playing off the themes of the hope and change campaign of 2008, the speech was

Obama’s ‘Deluding Himself’ When He Says Race Relations Have Improved

Ian Hanchett, On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer stated President Obama’s argument that race relations have gotten better during his presidency is the president “deluding himself.” Krauthamemr said, “The president is deluding himself.” He added that the country is on a “constant trajectory” and race relations would be

Trump calls UN club for people to ‘have a good time’

President-elect Donald Trump lashed out at the United Nations on Monday days after the Security Council voted to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. Taking to Twitter, he said the U.N. has “such great potential,” but has become “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good

Same Liberals who praised Comey in July Flip Flop over renewal of Clinton probe

For Democrats singing his praises just months ago, FBI Director James Comey is no longer the paragon of impartiality. The bureau boss is now the target of barbed Democratic attacks for his decision to notify lawmakers Friday that investigators were reviewing newly discovered emails related to the Hillary Clinton server case. And some of the

Trump: ˜I Want to Be Myself’ ” ˜It Got Me Here’

Jeff Poor, Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was asked by show host Bret Baier about a perceived pivot to a “more controlled presidential candidate.” Trump dismissed that perception and said he wanted to be himself. He also added he would “probably” use a teleprompter for his convention

Laura Ingraham: Trump Has The ˜Magic Sauce’ to Win #AmericaFirst

LifeZette Donald Trump can be the “champion” Americans need in a way that Hillary Clinton cannot, LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham said Wednesday on Fox News’ “Special Report” in an analysis of the presumptive Republican nominees’s post-election speech Tuesday. In his remarks following the California primary, Trump called out Hillary and Bill Clinton for making “hundreds

Clinton’s gun control argument ‘rather tepid’ – Trump’s stance ‘is strong.’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer told viewers Friday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that following the National Rifle Association’s endorsement of Donald Trump, the issue of gun control in the general election will likely be a winning one for the New York businessman– and a net loss for likely opponent Hillary Clinton. “It’s true there

Pence endorsing Cruz: Was ‘Tardy, timid, incoherent and inconsequential’

Syndicated columnist George Will  said Friday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s endorsement of Ted Cruz in the state’s upcoming Republican presidential primary is “tardy, timid, incoherent and inconsequential.” Will noted that the endorsement, just days before the primary, was not particularly resounding saying it was “tardy in the sense