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Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury Has Some Bad News for the Socialists

streiff, RedState  I’m not a big fan of putting billionaires in charge of federal agencies, but the exception I’m willing to make is Treasury and Commerce because you want someone who’s actually been successful in business in positions that determine if other folks get a chance to make some, too. Not some political hack obsessing

CNBC Host Rebecca Quick Promises to ‘Defend’ Obama Appointee #WikiLeaks

Justin Haskins, Since WikiLeaks began releasing once-private messages from Hillary Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, the world has had even more access to hard evidence of the mainstream media’s support for and collusion with Democratic Party operatives and campaigns. The latest example, reported now for the very first time (as are we can tell), shows

Donald Trump’s Right on Debt Offensive

James E. Miller, God help Donald Trump’s critics. The paroxysms they have after the mogul–turned–GOP nominee’s policy pronouncements can’t be good for their health. The latest is a real hoot. For dealing with our enormous national debt, Trump wants to do what he does best: negotiate with creditors. How so? By pressuring bondholders to accept