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Pesticide Control, Psych Drug Control Is Gun Control

by Tracy Turner Caveat, this is not a medical advice nor a gun-control article. This “List of 45 Mass Murders and Pharma Drugs they were on” is an excellent read, but merely a drop in the bucket compared to other psych-med-violence lists and databases. According to Yahoo Answers: “It is now 1 in 100 in the US

Uncontrollable Laughing or Crying? You Might Need an SSRI


A pharmaceutical company has released a video warning that uncontrollable laughing or crying may be associated with a neurological problem called PBA, or Pseudobulbar affect. “Have you experienced sudden outbursts of uncontrollable crying or laughing?” the PBA Facts website inquires. “If so, you may have PBA. Learn more about this neurologic condition that affects nearly