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Laughing At Liberals As They Lose Their Minds

Kurt Schlichter, I reached peak Twitter this week when I was sucked into a tweet battle with a liberal dwarf. True story. Donald Trump’s victory had the militant munchkin fuming. I have to admit that I was a little short with her myself. But I should be smiling – we conservatives should all be smiling

The More Things Change, The More They Actually Don’t

Victor Davis Hanson, In today’s technically sophisticated and globally connected world, we assume life has been completely reinvented. In truth, it has not changed all that much. Facebook and Google may have recalibrated our lifestyles, but human nature, geography and culture are nearly timeless. Even as ideologies and governments come and go, the same old,

House Republicans to Vote on Huge Budget Cut for IRS

 There is a big budget battle in Congress brewing for next week, as Republicans seek to exact revenge on the IRS for their targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups. Democrats have been placed in the position of having to defend the IRS and their egregious actions, after they asked for an increase in the

New Captain America Film Takes On Obama’s Kill List and the New World Order

Victory Post – by Lucas Bowser  We can add Captain America: The Winter Soldier to the list of recent blockbuster films containing themes that are critical of America’s growing police state and war on terror. Other major films like Oblivion, Ender’s Game, The Hunger Games, and Star Trek: Into Darkness have all recently taken shots at these important issues, but none have

Transhumanists: Superhuman Powers & Life Extension Tech Will Allow Us To Become Like God

Michael SnyderAmerican Dream  If you could merge your current mind and body with technology that would give you superhuman powers and would allow you to live forever, would you do it?  This is essentially what the transhumanism movement is seeking to accomplish. Transhumanists envision a day when technology will allow humanity to become so advanced

World’s 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes

As events surrounding the disappearance of Malasian Airlines flight MH370 unfold – we look at some of the most unusual aircraft incidents through history Events surrounding the disappearance and possible crash of Malasian Airlines flight MH370 are not yet clear. It has emerged that two passengers on the flight were travelling using stolen passports. The

'Photon torpedoes' target Mitt VP picks Director of 'Star Trek' joins Soros, unions to slam GOP choices

  J.J. Abrams Film director J.J. Abrams has joined billionaire George Soros and some of the nation’s biggest labor unions in donating large sums to a superPAC targeting potential Republican vice presidential picks and run by David Brock, founder of the controversial Media Matters for America. The superPAC American Bridge 21st Century just unveiled a