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California Starts New Year Attacking Small Business

Bruce Bialosky, With California in full revolt against the incoming Trump Administration swearing to go to war with the other 49 states, the elected Leftists who run the state struck again against small businesses in the state. The government enacted 900 (yes, you read that correctly) new laws for 2017. One they snuck under everyone’s

California Democrat Supermajority 2016

Patrick Bobko, “The greatest weariness comes from work not done” ? Eric Hoffer For Republicans in the Golden State, results from the November 2016 election were dire. Democrats unseated three Republican members of the State Assembly and gained a seat in the State Senate. These losses, taken together, give the Democrats a “supermajority” in the

California Charter School Advocates Spend Millions on Primary Candidates

Elizabeth BeShears, Groups supporting charter schools were responsible for nearly one-third of the record $27.9 million of independent expenditures spent on California’s primary races this year. The groups—including the Parent Teacher Alliance, sponsored by the California Charter Schools Association Advocates and EdVoice—spent millions of dollars on more than 40 candidates pursuing seats in the California

Medicaid surge triggers cost concerns for states

 From California to Rhode Island, states are confronting new concerns that their Medicaid costs will rise as a result of the federal health care law. That’s likely to revive the debate about how federal decisions can saddle states with unanticipated expenses. Before President Barack Obama’s law expanded Medicaid eligibility, millions of people who were already