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#BlackLivesMatter, White Guilt and the Marketing of Racism

Ryan Bomberger, I can’t breathe. I’m literally fighting back tears as I write, again, about this prevalent injustice. They don’t see us as individual human beings, but a group to be exploited, separated, and judged based on our pigmentation. I’m talking about mainstream media and their manipulation of all Americans, corralling us into our respective

NBA officials set to address Clippers owner racial controversy

 National Basketball Association officials on Tuesday will try to calm public outrage over racist comments attributed to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, with a long suspension from the game one possible penalty he faces. The league moved quickly to address the scandal, which broke over the weekend when Website published a 10-minute recording

Sponsors desert Clippers as NBA announcement approaches

 The National Basketball Association will make an announcement on Tuesday about its investigation into Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling while fallout over racist comments allegedly made by him was building. Sterling is being investigated by the NBA over racist comments he allegedly made that have since sparked widespread outrage in the United States. The