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See academics making fools of themselves, look at Sessions’ confirmation hearings

John R. Lott, The headline on the front page of the Washington Post sure sounded impressive: “More than 1,100 law school professors nationwide oppose Sessions’s nomination as attorney general.” Since then, the total has increased to 1,424 faculty members from 180 law schools in 49 different states. With Senate Judiciary committee getting ready to vote

Somali student behind car, knife attack at Ohio State University that injured 11

An 18-year-old Somali student was behind an attack involving a car and butcher knife on the campus of Ohio State University Monday that left 11 people injured, officials said. After the attacker, identified by authorities as first-year student Abdul Razak Ali Artan, plowed his vehicle into the crowd, officials said he got out of the

Police Investigate Fraud after Voter Registration Flips from Republican to Democrat

Adan Salazar, Pennsylvania State Police investigating voter manipulation. Pennsylvania State Police are investigating a couple’s claim that their political party affiliation was fraudulently changed from Republican to Democrat on their voter registration applications. “The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating a case of fraud,” authorities noted in a press release Tuesday. “On the above date [10/09/16],

Nine Counties in Indiana Under Investigation For Voter Fraud

Christine Rousselle, Nine counties in Indiana are under investigation for voter fraud after it was discovered that hundreds of voter registrations contained some combination of fake names, addresses, and birth dates. The investigation originally centered on two counties, but eventually grew to nine. The fraudulent registration forms were submitted by a nonprofit called the Indiana

Constitutional Carry Went Into Effect In West Virginia

Matt Vespa, Well, it’s happened. West Virginia became the eighth state to adopt constitutional carry. One in ten residents already have a concealed carry permit, and the new measures signal another victory for Second Amendment rights. Democratic Gov. Early Ray Tomblin vetoed the measure back in March, but the state legislature—with bipartisan support—overrode it. Yet,

Leader of Minn. “virgin camp” sought for rape of minors

 A nationwide manhunt is on to find the self-styled “minister” charged with 59 counts of raping young girls who lived with him in a “Maiden’s Group” set aside for virgins at the Minnesota compound he shared with his followers Victor Barnard, 52, is accused of repeatedly raping two girls over a period of several years,