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Trump Has Over-the-Top Debate

The Republican presidential nominee moved to calm a jittery base and stabilize his campaign. He told Democratic rival Hillary Clinton she should be in jail despite numerous probes that have ended without charges. He accused her husband of sexual assault, and claimed she was callous toward a 12-year-old rape victim as a lawyer. He twice brought up Sidney

Mike Pence won by going big. Tim Kaine lost by going small

Newt Gingrich, The vice presidential debate was a great example of the power of a good case reinforced by solid preparation. Governor Mike Pence had done his homework. He had studied the Clinton-Kaine program and their debate style. He understood how Senator Kaine would debate and he was ready for him. It was said that

5 Historic National Conventions That Will Make This Year’s Look Tame

Rebecca Nelson, It’s no secret that the 2016 presidential race has been one of the most bizarre, confounding elections of our time—even Stephen Hawking can’t make sense of it. Though Hillary Clinton has all but clinched the Democratic nomination, her come-from-behind challenger, Bernie Sanders, has promised to take his bid for the nomination to the

Fourth of July 2016: What the Founders ask of us

Matthew Spalding,  It is remarkable that Abraham Lincoln never delivered a Fourth of July speech. The closest he came was on July 10, 1858, in Chicago during one of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates, when Lincoln spoke of the Founders as “iron men.” He remarked how, every July 4, Americans celebrate those “iron men” and their

Celebrating America on July Fourth

Linda Chavez, July Fourth is traditionally a day to celebrate not only America’s founding but also the exceptional nature of our great country. Coming this year in the middle of one of the nastiest presidential campaigns in recent memory, it would certainly be refreshing to hear from candidates on American exceptionalism, but somehow I doubt