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Action Plan for President Trump

Action Plan for President Trump The Heartland Institute released a 34-point action plan for the new administration in November. The entire document can be downloaded in PDF here. Click on the titles below to view each section of the document. Energy & Environment Adopting a Pro-Environment, Pro-Energy, Pro-Jobs agenda would produce millions of jobs and

Experts Voice Support for Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator

Jay Lehr, H. Sterling Burnett, Isaac Orr, James H. Rust “None can be placed in a position superior to Scott Pruitt, President-elect Trump’s choice to manage the U.S. EPA and return it to the level of excellence intended for it on behalf of the American people.” – Jay Lehr  The Senate Environment and Public Works

Experts React to Kasich’s Refusal to Extend Freeze on Ohio’s Alternative Energy Standard

H. Sterling Burnett, Isaac Orr, Jay Lehr, Tim Benson, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) yesterday vetoed a bill that would have made compliance with the state’s renewable energy standards – the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) – optional for the next two years.  The following statements from energy policy experts at The Heartland Institute –

EPA Approves New Herbicide for Cotton, Soybeans

H. Sterling Burnett, Despite objections from environmental organizations concerned about wildlife impacts, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the use of a new herbicide mix on cotton and soybeans. EPA approved a new formulation of dicamba, a widely used a weed killer, determining it is unlikely to spread to neighboring fields. EPA’s approval

Trump Vows Changes in Nation’s Energy, Climate Policies

H. Sterling Burnett President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to expand the development and production of fossil fuels and to withdraw from climate treaties and rescind Obama EPA climate regulations. In the months leading up to Donald Trump’s victory in the November presidential election, his public statements highlighted many differences with President Barack Obama on energy

Nevada Voters Choose Electric Power Competition

H. Sterling Burnett, Voters in Nevada overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment that would open the state’s electric power market to retail competition. Currently, in Nevada, as in many states, utility companies have monopolies within their respective geographic service areas, with the Nevada Public Utilities Commission, regulating utility prices and other terms of service. In Nevada,

Constitutional Amendments Supporting Hunting and Fishing on State Ballots

H. Sterling Burnett, In November, voters in Indiana and Kansas will likely approve constitutional amendments guaranteeing the right to hunt and fish in their respective states. If history is any guide, in November, voters in Indiana and Kansas will likely approve constitutional amendments guaranteeing the right to hunt and fish in their respective states. Prior

In Draft Platform, Democrats Bare Their Souls (And Teeth)

Tim Benson, Political platforms are not meant to be taken as anything other than aspirational documents. They make a brief appearance at party conventions and then sit on a shelf and collect dust for four years until the next presidential election comes along. One of the few things platforms do accomplish is they put on

SCOTUS Ruling Vindicates Property Owners’ Right to Court Access

H. Sterling Burnett, In a unanimous ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a setback to federal authorities’ attempts to control the development of wetlands through their costly permitting processes, upholding the right of property owners to challenge limits placed on their property rights in court. By a vote of 8–0, the Court determined North Dakota-based

Remaining Presidential Contenders Differ Radically on Climate, Fossil Fuels

H. Sterling Burnett,  Donald Trump would reverse many of the regulations the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) imposed on the economy—regulations he says are costing coal, natural gas, and oil jobs—while Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) want to build on EPA’s regulations to end the use of